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The Founder of Phoenix Trading Strategies is Ricardo Menjivar, a licensed Commodities and Forex broker since 2008 to 2012.  Although Ricardo holds both the Series 3 and Series 34 licenses, his journey in trading began just like many of you — as a novice trader.  He could never find consistency in his trading because the information and courses he paid for were not even close to manifesting the truth about the protocols that the banks and market makers used to manipulate the markets.  And, just like you, he lost money.  He stopped trading and like an academic began to read many books about currency trading and attended every course, seminar and trade show.

Chart Pattern Recognition with Volume Price Analysis and Average True Range Stop1st Secret – Chart Pattern Recognition

As his research progressed, Ricardo discovered that the 3% of retail traders that understood and succeeded at trading were very good at one thing:  Chart Pattern Recognition.  However, he knew that this wasn’t enough and in 2007 he decided to somehow break into financial industry and began to work as an assistant for a small Independent Introducing Brokerage firm while he got licensed and learned the business. Then in 2008 as soon as he passed the Series 3 exam he left to go work for the 3rd largest Futures Commission Merchant in the U.S.

Live Forex Trading Room based on Tactical Currency Portfolio Rebalancing for Currency and Forex Traders2nd Secret – Understanding How the Market Makers Deceive the Retail Traders

Ricardo was part of team that was in charge bringing out the very first ECN (Electronic Communications Network) that would bridge multiple bank feeds into one data feed for the retail trader. As part of the first ECN, Ricardo gained first-hand experience in how the “Market Makers” were doing business with the retail traders. Ricardo witnessed how the market makers would entice the retail traders into a position just so they could reverse it against them.

And, Ricardo’s success grew at a velocity that very few brokers ever achieve. He gained the respect of his colleagues and professional traders alike to the point where in less than a year he helped build a division of over 5000 traders of which 1000 belonged to his book of clients. He was advising over a 1000 clients at his peak of his career and everyone wanted to do business with him because of his market insight and technological solutions.

Volume Price Analysis for Forex and Currency Traders3rd Secret – How Volume Price Analysis Reveals the High Frequency Traders

It has taken Ricardo over 10 years of trading and working with professional traders like CTA’s (Commodity Trading Advisors), Proprietary Desk (Institutional) Traders, Financial Advisors and Software Developers of platforms and indicators to discover the protocols that banks and market makers follow to trade these markets. Ricardo knows and understands, firsthand, how the market makers try to seduce the retail traders to fall into their traps.  He understands the institutional mindset that is required to develop cutting edge technology that will make trading easier, exciting and more effective for you.  Ricardo uses cutting edge technology that takes Volume Spread Analysis to a higher level — Volume Price Analysis, which reveals the upcoming moves by both market makers and high frequency traders, especially when combined with the average true range stop.

If you have never driven a Ferrari YOU WILL with Ricardo’s custom indicators (based on volume price analysis and the average true range stop) because they are just that in the trading. Remember at the end of the day we all want is to make money when we trade but if we don’t understand the level of risk involved we can lose as well.

4th Secret – Currency Portfolio Re-balancingCurrency Portfolio Rebalancing

And, with his theory of Currency Portfolio Re-balancing, it gets even better because he actually tells you how many market makers there are interested in trading that currency or currency pair by isolating their percentage of interest.  This will change the way you look at trading Foreign Exchange and Currency Futures!

Plus, during his live trading webinars, you can see that his market insight is extraordinary as he shows you how to identify a trade being set up by the market makers and explaining every stage of their protocol and decision making process.

Are you ready?

So at the end you can see that Ricardo earned his stripes in the trenches from starting off as a Soldier to rising in the ranks of General and now preparing his army of traders. Will you be one of them? Will you become a Phoenix that rises from the ashes of failure? Do you have what it takes to listen and learn from someone that has already walked in your footsteps?

Professional and Client Endorsements

Ricardo has been endorsed by his clients and other Financial Market professionals as an expert and specialist in the following fields:

Foreign Exchange Commodities Trading Systems & Strategies FX Trading
High Frequency Trading Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Electronic Trading
Hedging FX Options Financial Markets Alternative Investments
Valuation Managed Futures & Forex Proprietary Trading Risk Management
Volume Spread Analysis Financial Modeling Capital Markets Market Data
Investment Strategies Emerging Markets Option Strategies Derivatives
Chart Patterns Equities Options  Investments

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