Live Forex Trading Room, 11/14/14

Over 700 Pips Made Because Our Tools Decode the True Intent of the Market Makers
As traders we look for software and technology that can give us an edge on how to trade special news events like the European Central Bank announcement of their new monetary policy that we all knew would require aggressive Quantitative Easing from their part today. Unfortunately many retail traders are still using old outdated indicators that don’t inspire confidence to enter trades before these announcements. Phoenix Trading Strategies have created the state of the art technology that allow retail traders to identify when the market makers are setting up their plan of action that now make you feel that you are on the VIP list because for the first time ever, you are able to identify when they are going to drive volume and momentum before other lagging indicators that are useless in this environment of digital warfare by the banks and market makers.
80 Pips Profit in the Free Live Trading Room!
In the Free Live Trading Room for Forex, Ricardo easily identified an 80 pip move using Currency Portfolio Rebalancing with the Phoenix Power Dots and Volume Analysis.
Decoding the True Intent of the Market Makers
Most traders believe that a price bar that closes up is bullish and a candle that closes down is bearish. The market makers know this and have programs designed to stop you out as soon as you enter. In this video, Ricardo shows you how easily you can decode the true intent of the market makers using the Phoenix Trading Strategies Volume Indicator.

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