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With the right tools and training, you can easily take your trading to new heights.  You have seen Phoenix Trading Strategies use the software LIVE, it is time to take action and learn to implement these strategies on your own!

Eliminate Fear and Doubt from Your Trading Now!

Stop Struggling - Start Succeeding

Everything You Need to Find Trading Success:

Indepth Training

We teach you how the markets work and how to decode the next steps of the market makers so you can stop trading against the banks and start following in their footsteps.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our patented technology allows us to actually decode the high frequency algorythms used by banks and market makers so you can nearly eliminate risk and trade stress free.

Easy To Follow Processes

Our easy to follow 5 Step decision making process takes all of the guess work out of finding the right trade entry and profit target and allow you to trade with confidence.

The Right Tools

Our tools do nearly all of the work for you!  We show you the Market Maker orders and our "Power Dots" help to identify key trading levels  that will get the best results for your next trade.

The Indicators:

Phoenix FX Radar

Can an algorithm be a work of art? It can if it graphically shows you, in vivid color, the moment when the Market Makers take specific currencies out of balance against their counter-currencies, before they must rebalance them. This phenomenon is what we call Currency Portfolio Rebalancing (CPR), and is what the Major institutions do every day to keep their overall market exposure in line with their customer requirements and risk management. These trade desks constantly keep their “money in motion” all day, every day, and it is this rebalancing which represents a large part of the over $5 Trillion that they move on a daily basis.

Phoenix Power Dots + ATR Stop

Phoenix Power Dots with Average True Range Stop will help you reveal the plan of action that the dealers must use to follow through with during their trading. Does this mean that by using this tool you can gain a greater understanding of the institutional mindset — in order to forecast their trades with greater certainty? Oh yes!

Phoenix technology and training is so cutting edge that you will be able to quickly define resistance and support levels with ease. With our Method, you will understand how the Market Makers create what we know to be Pivots and Congestion levels, by simply adding or withdrawing their liquidity — primarily because they wish to confuse the retail currency and forex trader. Learning that institutional mindset is of great importance to the average trader, and a Phoenix Trader learns this every day they are using these tools.

Phoenix Sentiment Indicator

The Phoenix Sentiment Indicator is THE tool that provides the graphical interpretation on how to identify either a coming trend or one that is either ending, or “turning”, as in a swing trade. Many traders make the mistake of exiting a trade early or entering a trade too late because they don’t have the right information in front of them. Often based on guesswork – that “feeling” – but we believe that trend change can be quantified with the right interpretation of data; and that this indicator is a key component in confirming when a new trend is beginning as well as one that is in its final stages and slowing in its directional speed.

Once you learn how to use it properly with our Phoenix Trading Strategy you will see how powerful this excellent indicator is. Importantly, it not only works with Currencies and Forex but also with Commodities. It’s simple-to-use and attractive graphics make it an indispensible part of your trading toolkit.

Phoenix Volume Price Analysis Indicator

This very simple and powerful indicator crunches thousands of pieces of data, be it Forex Tick data or Currency Futures “real” volume, represented in this very special array as shown. As many consistently good traders have discovered, volume and price action LEAD all other indicators, regardless of the slick colorization or simplicity of a product. In our system, the colorization represent both the directionality of the reported volume AND the high frequency with which orders are reported internally. This “unicorn” of volume tools has no peer in that regard. Let’s reveal a few of the particulars.

The primary or “Alpha” bars on this indicator denote all volume data in a particular time frame (TF) placed into a system from their aggregator. They give a full accounting of buy vs. sell execution from the market makers , and are colorized (red, grey, magenta or blue) to represent the directional, or buy/sell contribution of all available sources for that time frame. The terminus of any Alpha bar is represented as the small grey line crossing somewhere near the “mean” or neutral-biased center line running through the chart. These terminal points – the “closing” of any given bar – are known as their Omega point. A settle above the mean represents a bullish closing bias, at the mean is neutral, and below the mean is bearish. This “closing of the bar” level has GREAT significance when it differs from the overall directional color that comprises the entire bar. This essential fact is at the core of finding a turning point in price action: whether support/resistance, consolidation, or simply overbought/oversold states.

As a forex trader for the past 6 years, I did notice that i was almost always late in my trade entries but not anymore, because we are trading risk and the Phoenix trading method minimises that to an unbelievable minimum. 

Finally, I must say a BIG THANK YOU for changing the way i trade forever (and accommodating my requests) as this software works and i believe that i can trust it 100% for my financial future.

Get Better Trading Results

We understand how frustrating it is to seldom see results from your trading efforts.  With Phoenix Trading Strategies, we teach you to interpret the trading objectives of the banks and develop a clear plan of action that GETS RESULTS.  Our cutting edge technology automatically decodes the bank's high frequency algorythms and puts on our the path to trading success!

Systematic Decision Process

Our cutting edge technology does most of the work for you and saves valuable time with your intra day analysis.  But, our SIMPLE and EASY to follow 5 step decision making process completes the package by taking all of the guess work out of your next trade, leaving you to trade with confidence.  Take CONTROL of your trades with the right trading strategy.

Ricardo Menjivar

As part of the first ECN, Ricardo gained first-hand experience in how the "Market Makers": were doing business with the retail traders. Ricardo knows and understands, firsthand, how the market makers try to seduce the retail traders to fall into their traps. He understands the institutional mindset that is required to develop cutting edge technology that will make trading easier, exciting and more effective for you. With him you will learn why Currency Portfolio Rebalancing has become the protocol and main objective that banks use to trade the FX Markets. Thus, you will see why he takes Volume Spread Analysis to a higher level — Volume Price Analysis, by revealing the upcoming moves by both market makers and high frequency traders which can in many cases give you an hour's notice before the trades unfold.

This is the LAST Trading 
System You Will Ever Need to Buy!

The bottom line is, Our Methods WORK!  You have seen us trade our methods live in class and make positive pips week after week.  The tools and training are second to none and provide you with EXACTLY what you need to make an informed and confident decision in your next trade.

Government Required Disclaimer:

*Futures, stocks, and spot currency trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures, stocks, and forex markets.  Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, stocks or forex. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. Past performance of indicators or methodology are not necessarily indicative of future results.


Terms of Sale:

Phoenix Trading Strategies does not issue refunds.  If you would like to see the indicators, then we invite you to participate in the free live trading room and you can see the indicators on the live edge of the market.

Please note that when you purchase the indicators, you are entitled to only two licensed computers.  If you need the indicators for more than two computers, you need will need to purchase an additional license.

If you order any of the webinar and/or seminars, then you take a seat away from someone else. These events are normally sold out. If you cancel, no refunds will be issued. You can either choose to attend a subsequent webinar/seminar for the same value or, if applicable, have access to the video recordings.

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