Is it Possible to Make Over $2000 per day Trading?

Phoenix Trading Strategies continues to deliver results that our webinar attendees can count on! Our LIVE trades resulted in gains of $2098 during Asian session trading.

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Phoenix Trading Strategies helps our traders remove Fear and Doubt from the decision making process by offering the most cutting edge trading technology on the market today.

Join our next LIVE Trading session to learn more about how Ricardo, the head trader, uses our unique trading technology to easily analyze the market with precision and quickly calculate what the banks and market makers are going to do.

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In the trading room, Ricardo will help you understand the markets and help you trade with minimal risk. He will teach you how to enter the market with full confidence and know, in advance, EXACTLY where to take profit so you are not left second guessing your trading decisions.

We all know that trading is not easy. However, with the right tools and training, you CAN map out the trading plan of the financial institutions BEFORE everyone else is aware.

Listed below is a summary of the trades we took during our recent Asian trading session. The results are impressive to say the least!! Be sure to also watch the video to see our decision making process in LIVE market conditions:

USD/JPY Buy 1 @ 120.71 Close @ 120.98 27
– USD $231.42
EUR/JPY Buy 1 @ 128.93 Close @ 129.32 39
– USD $322.37
GBP/JPY Buy 1 @ 178.30 Close @ 178.55 25
– USD $214.89
CAD/JPY Buy 1 @ 95.19 Close @ 95.43 24
– USD $206.48
NZD/JPY Buy 1 @ 89.72 Close @ 90.10 38
– USD $313.92
AUD/JPY Buy 2 @ 92.62 Close @ 92.85 44
– USD $ 355.14
CHF/JPY Buy 1 @ 122.09 Close @ 122.64 55
– USD $ 454.17
Total 252 Pips – USD $2098.39

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