FX Radar Special

Webinar – Portfolio Rebalancing PLUS the Phoenix FX Radar indicator


The FX Radar and webinar includes the Phoenix FX Radar indicator and a 4 hour webinar.

The Phoenix FX Radar helps you easily identify when institutional activity has taken currencies out of balance, in simple, easy-to-read, and colorful graphics. Now you can anticipate their rebalancing before it occurs, giving you an edge, previously unavailable, in your trading decisions.

In this four (4) hour webinar, Ricardo will teach you:

  • What Currency Portfolio Rebalancing is
  • Why is it that only Institutional Traders know about this
  • Why the Market Makers don’t want the Retail Traders to ever understand the Institutional Mindset
  • How to interpret when the Market Makers have taken a currency or currencies out of balance within the portfolio of eight (8)
  • How to interpret when they must bring that Currency or Currencies back into balance within the portfolio of eight (8)
  • How to decipher which pairs the Market Makers are concentrating on and why their tradedesks have to follow through with the rebalancing
  • How to determine when the volatility is low or high with FX Radar which instantly indicates if you should be in or completely out of the market
  • What are the time frames that you should be looking at when using the FX Radar
  • Determining when a high probability trade is being set up by the Market Makers using the FX Radar
  • Once you understand what trade set ups that you should be concentrating — What is the next step and when do you go to the charts