FX Radar

Phoenix FX Radar Indicator for NinjaTrader


Professional dealing desks around the world make up the marketplace where you, the “retail” trader, use your tools to decode their intent, whether you realize it or not. The Phoenix FX Radar is a special indicator that helps you identify the directional interest of these Market Makers in each of the eight (8) major currencies.

Can an algorithm be a work of art? It can if it graphically shows you, in vivid color, the moment when the Market Makers take specific currencies out of balance against their counter-currencies, before they must rebalance them. This phenomenon is what we call Currency Portfolio Rebalancing (CPR), and is what the Major institutions do every day to keep their overall market exposure in line with their customer requirements and risk management. These trade desks constantly keep their “money in motion” all day, every day, and it is this rebalancing which represents a large part of the over $5 Trillion that they move on a daily basis.

Our Phoenix FX Radar IS that work of art – as you can't “see” this kind of price action with candlesticks or bars. Our indicator adds the dimension of “intent” of professional traders, as they cannot hide their need to rebalance from us any longer. Phoenix’s new asset-class of predictive information will give you a completely different perspective: it allows you to forecast high probability trades in either the FX Spot or Currency Futures markets that the Pro Desks themselves are setting up as their portfolios get out-of-balance from their large numbers of intraday positions.

The Phoenix FX Radar helps you easily identify when institutional activity has taken currencies out of balance, in simple, easy-to-read, and colorful graphics. Now you can anticipate their rebalancing before it occurs, giving you an edge, previously unavailable, in your trading decisions.