3 Day Intensive Portfolio Rebalancing

Webinar – Live Training 3 Day Webinar


This webinar will consist of (3) intense days of information and training.

Day One (1)

  • What is Currency Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Why the Retail Trader never heard of this but the Institutional Traders implement this type of Protocol in their trading decisions
  • Why the Phoenix FX Radar graphically shows you how to define the protocol and Market Makers Intent before the implement that trade on their end
  • How to confirm that the Market Makers are going to follow through with the decision
  • What time frames you should be looking at to identify trade set ups and opportunities

Day Two (2)

  • How to easily identify trades using the Power Dots with Average True Range Stops
  • How the Market Markers map out their trades with the Pivots that are built-in to the Power Dots indicator
  • How to identify Support and Resistance Levels
  • How to instantly identify congestion areas and how to trade them
  • How to use the Trend with Average True Range Stops
  • How use the Phoenix Sentiment
  • How to identify trades with the FX Radar indicator
  • Why this powerful combination of indicators map out the intraday Market Makers’ strategies
  • How to read the Phoenix Volume Price Analysis indicator and why it is leading indicator
  • Intro to the Secret Indicator that isolates percentage of interest by each individual Market Maker

Day Three (3)

  • Conclusion on how to set up your charts
  • 5 step process in identifying the Highest Probability Trades of the day by combining all the indicators
  • Go over examples and look for trade set ups real time
  • Go over Questions and conclude