Phoenix Power Dots

Phoenix Power Dots with Average True Range Stop for NinjaTrader


When you first learn to drive, what are you taught? To drive recklessly, with no plan of action when you hit the road? Of course not – you are taught to “drive defensively”. Market makers, however, like Professional drivers, are taught to use aggressive action – and to make their own paths through price “traffic” when on the race course. We, the retail currency and forex traders, have been taught defensive technique because it is assumed to be too difficult to predict the next move of the pro traders on institutional desks. But now, with the Phoenix Power Dots with Average True Range Stop, we finally have a roadmap that will allow the average trader to keep up with the powerful pros on the trading superhighways, and turn you into a true trading Road Warrior!

The pro desk traders trade using their own code (rules) – but in doing so they must submit their trades to the electronic information aggregators, and therefore are subject to being decoded by superior tools specifically designed to read their trade patterns. With the powerful Phoenix tools and technique you can now forecast their moves with far greater certainty than ever before. These Power Dots map their trades in such a way that you can decipher their action plans, and how the market is likely to follow through … or utterly fail, by plotting their own trade images against them. Here you have a painted map that shows the average trader the likely direction being taken by these pros: drivers of the price action.

Phoenix Power Dots with Average True Range Stop will help you reveal the plan of action that the dealers must use to follow through with during their trading. Does this mean that by using this tool you can gain a greater understanding of the institutional mindset — in order to forecast their trades with greater certainty? Oh yes!

Phoenix technology and training is so cutting edge that you will be able to quickly define resistance and support levels with ease. With our Method, you will understand how the Market Makers create what we know to be Pivots and Congestion levels, by simply adding or withdrawing their liquidity — primarily because they wish to confuse the retail currency and forex trader. Learning that institutional mindset is of great importance to the average trader, and a Phoenix Trader learns this every day they are using these tools.

Finally, and equally important, our method and toolkit will teach you how to find entries and potential exits with a precision unlike anything you have ever seen before. These Power Dots represent a technique that is as far removed from the “usual” tools as a Picasso is to a child’s drawing in grade school. There may be similarities – but we all know the value of a true work of art – with this new toolkit and our instruction, you will be creating your own works of “trading art” as you begin to see distinctions in chart patterns in new light and great detail. Phoenix’s Power Dots will simply improve your confidence in decoding the intent of the institutional desks, and allow greater opportunity to profit on their moves.