Volume Indicator for NinjaTrader

Phoenix Volume Price Analysis Indicator for NinjaTrader


Whether you are tracking volume in Currency Futures or in Spot Forex – very few systems have indicators that process the amount of data into their algorithm that you will find with this unique Phoenix Trading Directional Volume Price Analysis tool, which reveals the tactical currency portfolio rebalancing techniques used by the banks. This very simple and powerful indicator crunches thousands of pieces of data, be it Forex Tick data or Currency Futures “real” volume, represented in this very special array as shown. As many consistently good traders have discovered, volume and price action LEAD all other indicators, regardless of the slick colorization or simplicity of a product. In our system, the colorization represent both the directionality of the reported volume AND the high frequency with which orders are reported internally. This “unicorn” of volume tools has no peer in that regard. Let’s reveal a few of the particulars.

The primary or “Alpha” bars on this indicator denote all volume data in a particular time frame (TF) placed into a system from their aggregator. They give a full accounting of buy vs. sell execution from the market makers , and are colorized (red, grey, magenta or blue) to represent the directional, or buy/sell contribution of all available sources for that time frame. The terminus of any Alpha bar is represented as the small grey line crossing somewhere near the “mean” or neutral-biased center line running through the chart. These terminal points – the “closing” of any given bar – are known as their Omega point. A settle above the mean represents a bullish closing bias, at the mean is neutral, and below the mean is bearish. This “closing of the bar” level has GREAT significance when it differs from the overall directional color that comprises the entire bar. This essential fact is at the core of finding a turning point in price action: whether support/resistance, consolidation, or simply overbought/oversold states.

The Phoenix Trading Method teaches the use of these tools. Take the lead in your trading by getting an edge on the institutions, with a theme you will learn to lean on every time you open a chart: you MUST anticipate the INTENT of these professional dealers. They are constantly working to nullify the tools used by the retail trading public. If you are armed with equipment that simply cannot be made obsolete because this toolkit uses the very data that each and every dealing desk MUST report throughout the day, then you will be able to read these Pros as if you were on their internal distribution lists.

When you learn how to interpret these images as they are painted, you are ahead of the majority of indicators out there — basically receiving an Early Warning Signal that – in combination with the other Phoenix tools – give our traders a unique and very special method for decoding the intent of the institutional AND retail marketplace in real time using our unique volume price analysis indicator. Do NOT miss the chance to connect with the growing legions of Phoenix traders, and look into products and schedule today.