Portfolio Rebalancing Webinar

Webinar – 4 Hour Webinar on Portfolio Rebalancing


In this four (4) hour webinar, Ricardo will teaches Currency and Forex traders:

  • What Currency Portfolio Rebalancing is and how volume price analysis reveals their intent
  • Why is it that only Institutional Traders know about this
  • Why the Market Makers don’t want the Retail Traders to ever understand the Institutional Mindset
  • How to interpret when the Market Makers have taken a currency or currencies out of balance within the portfolio of eight (8)
  • How to interpret when they must bring that Currency or Currencies back into balance within the portfolio of eight (8)
  • How to decipher which pairs the Market Makers are concentrating on and why their tradedesks have to follow through with the rebalancing
  • How to determine when the volatility is low or high with FX Radar indicator which instantly indicates if you should be in or completely out of the market
  • What are the time frames that you should be looking at when using the FX Radar
  • Determining when a high probability trade is being set up by the Market Makers using the FX Radar indicator
  • Once you understand what trade set ups that you should be concentrating — What is the next step and when do you go to the charts